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Movers of heavy machinery and factory relocations,
Plant and machinery dismantling & erection.

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Project Management

Project management

PIC are able to fully manage any type of machinery installation, removal, factory relocation, industrial dismantling or similar type of projects, depending on your requirements.

PIC are used to working under the requirements of the CDM regulations, working either as the main contractor, the machine moving contractor (working along side the main contractor - ie on new build projects where the civils contractor is appointed the main contractor) and supplying the CDMC as required.

PIC are able to comply project plans, in line with our clients requirements, to ensure that targets are met for the sucessfully completion of all projects.

Our project managers are fully trained and experienced in these types of project, again to ensure sucessful and safe project completion.

Please contact us if you require this type of service, we wil be able to meet with you and discuss your requirements and offer cost effective solutions and options, we can guide you through your responsibilities under the CDM regs and help you understand the process.